Have you ever wanted to feel like an Indiana Jones movie? There’s a luxury tent resort in Trang: The Kachong Hills Tented Resort which will give you this feeling and we found it for you.

Kachong Hills The Place and Location

Kachong Hills Resort is located in Trang right beside the Southern Botanical Garden, surrounded by nature.

Chill on their decks near the river, admire their horses, and meet their friendly gang of sheep…A perfect break close to nature.

Every night Kachong Hills light a fire camp with wood trunks and chairs around, a nice experience.

The Accommodation

Kachong Hills Resort offers 2 types of accommodation and we tried both.

The highlight was the Explorer Tent, while you step inside this luxury tent, (see video) you got immediately the feeling of being far away exploring unseen territories in vintage style.

The tent is spacious with all you need, plus a large terrasse with a wooden bath and sofa to chill and admire the view.

They provide fresh coffee beans, a manual grinder, and everything you need to make your own coffee…

Order drinks from the hotel and chill admiring the end of the day from the sofa terrasse.

They have other choices of smaller and simpler tents around the resort and medium ones that can welcome a family.

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The Food & Beverage at Kachong Hills

The breakfast was good with choices of juices and local dishes. I love their brilliant idea to toast the bread, rather than having the usual electric toaster, you can toast your bread on a small charcoal grill, it’s faster and definitely taste better.

The Luk Lom Hills View, their stylish restaurant is quite famous in the area, as it opened several years before the resort and serves authentic local food to the people around.

In the evening they also do cocktail bar and dining with some jazz music playing in the background.

Try their local BBQ, on their terrasse with a view of the hills, all the products are very fresh and tasty, dipped in their delicious homemade sauce.

Mam and Aon will take perfect care of you with attentive and professional service.

You will probably get a visit from their sheep at breakfast coming for some leftover food don’t worry they are still shy and will not bother you if you don’t come to them.

The Verdict

This resort has a lot of charm and feels unique in its place and its surrounding. The location is several kilometers from Trang city, if you want to move around and don’t have your own vehicle, ask Mike the manager to recommend you and organize a day trip, he will be delighted to help.

Perfect for a Chill nature holiday or a stop on your way to Pak Phra.

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