Guizhou Sichuan Yunnan by motorbike in a one-week journey in China with an Africa Twin through 3 provinces of China. I will not not talk here about hotels recommendations as we mostly slept in what we found along the road.

This trip was intense for the people we met, the roads we rode, and also because my bike’s battery won’t recharge due to my alternator defection, so I had to wait for 1 to 2 hours every 30-40 km in the middle of nowhere waiting for my friend to go and back to the nearest village to buy a new battery.

However, this didn’t spoil the trip and we had a wonderful time.

We started our trip in Guizhou which is one of the poorest regions in China, it was impressive to go through, we spot many people totally black of coal on the roadside in the middle of nowhere, far from villages.

We followed with a portion of Yunnan province to enter in Sichuan Province.

At night, we arrived in a small village at the top of the mountain, and none of the children had ever seen a foreigner.
An happy moment after a hard day of riding

The next day we had to sleep in a remote village with no proper hotel so we slept in a kind of guest house in people home, that was…funky

After many problems on my bike, and being quite tight on our schedule, we decide to end the bike trip, and left our bikes in some local’s home to pick it up later for the next trip to another province of China.

Then we took a bus to the next city, to find a cab can brings us to the next town.

After 60 km our taxi driver fall asleep, and stopped slowly (probably dreaming) right in the middle of the road, in a small village…

I woke him up and we left him no choice but to let me drive, after 5 mn in the middle of the road with the car stopped and trying to make him understand that foreigners in China who have a Chinese driving license were able to drive he finally hands me the wheel for the next 300 km…then he slept again without any worries all the way to destination.