500 Rai Floating Resort: The Location and Surroundings

If you want to stay in Khaosok National Park in the best resort on the lake and the best view and you got the budget, then your choice might be the 500 Rai floating resort. 

It’s a truly unique experience to wake up with the mist on the lake and admire the sunset from your bed.

The Accommodation and Offer

The floating bungalows all have a mezzanine to welcome a 4 persons family. However, the design is very simple and minimal for the price you pay.

Each room has a canoe for you to explore around and as the hotel is not connected to the land this is how you are going to enjoy it, but hey! what a good experience to sleep in a floating hotel and have your canoe right in front of your door 🙂

As daily activity the hotel also offers to bring you to admire the mist for free with their boat and it’s really breathtaking. For other activities, you will have to pay between 3000 to 6000, including the visit of the wildlife park where you can see wild elephants and many species of birds

You also have the possibility to rent their villa with its private swimming pool if you don’t want any neighbors.

The Food

The food and breakfast are included in your stay but don’t expect the top, it’s very basic and mostly Thai local dishes, and for the drinks it will be only water from a fountain.

If you want to pimp your buffet and extend the cost of your stay you can also order “a la carte”

The Verdict

Overall it was a unique and nice experience and it’s something to try if you have the budget, you will forget quickly about the simplicity of the food and your room (which by the way is clean and comfortable).

It’s definitely the best hotel in Khao Sok Lake for the view and surroundings.

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500 Rai Floating Resort: Things to know:

There’s no signal or free internet there, so tell your loved ones or your work that you will be off the grid during your stay. 

If you want to use the wifi at the hotel you will have to pay from 350 ฿ for 1 hour to 1500 ฿ for one day. You’ve been warned 😉

Note that you cannot go there by yourself, you need to contact the hotel and arrange the pick up at Ratchaprapha Dam Pier

Phone number 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok:

A note to the hotel: It would be wise to invest in an electric boat as all day long there’s a noisy shuttle boat which brings people from their room to the lobby or restaurant and in a peaceful place like this it would be a must have a silent transport. I understand electricity is not easy to get there and probably expensive, (it might be the reason why the hotel only allows you to use aircon from 12 pm to 6 am – 24h for the suite zone) but i’m sure there’s a way to avoid using this old and noisy boat and replace it by a more “green” and silent transport. 🙂