The Place & Location

Vero Trattoria and Bar is located in Thonglor soi 11 and offers authentic Italian and Iberic cuisine, al fresco with comfy terraces surrounded by Bougainvilleas.

The Food & Drinks

Vero Trattoria & Bar is home to Basque Chef Joseba E. Jimenez de Jimenes, a culinary master, and disciple of the slow food movement, an organization, founded in 1989 to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions.

His cuisine brings you authentic taste from Italy and Iberic region with the freshest produces you can find both imported and local.

On the bar side, you can find your favorite classic cocktails and a respectable range of spirits. a good place for your evening aperitivo.

On the menu, are Antipasti, Affetati (cold cuts), Salads, and main courses.

On the first visit, I tasted a special dish from Joseba, a Wild Salmon steak with potato confit and Catalan Picada, which was excellent and perfectly balanced in flavors.

On the second visit, we tasted Parpadelle Frutti Di Mare Alla Crema di Marchese, the sauce was strong in seafood flavors, and the pasta al dente as expected.

Joseba made another special on that day which I loved a lot.

A wild Salmon Marinated with Fennel and tea, lightly torched, on a Squid Ink Risotto and a Canarian Green Mojo sauce.

I personally love that kind of cuisine of the South as it reminds me of the savors of my region, strong-flavored in spices.

For the dessert you have the choice between a red fruit Panacotta and a Tiramisu, i to go for the latter, it’s the best one I ever had, light as a mousse, not too creamy, not too sweet, with a perfect blend.

Vero Trattoria & Bar is a perfect place to meet friends around some cocktails or a glass of wine with some antipasti or simply get a good lunch or dinner with your loved one on the charming terrace.

Vero Trattoria and Bar Infos

Open every day from 12 am to 10 pm

Phone: 02 227 0638

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